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Photographers and Videographers

St. James Chapel: Welcome to Our Sanctuary!

We all love beautiful photos! They create a historical legacy of the most important day of a new family’s life. We truly appreciate the artform and your role. Many novices at Catholic weddings think the best place to stand during a processional is at the head of the Chapel aisle between the first pews and the sanctuary, because it provides the best available line of sight to the bridal party as they process. Indeed, this places the photography goals first. The problem with putting photography goals first, ahead of even the wedding liturgy itself is this:

The best available line of site is reserved for the bride to walk, unobstructed toward her groom and the altar itself. The symbolism and its importance are something that we thank you for observing. This may prove a creative challenge for novices, or less experienced photographers, but we think that you and your clients will love the powerful, unobstructed moment of Grace that you are privileged to capture from another angle.

1. Photos are permitted and welcomed during the wedding ceremony from the side or rear aisles or unoccupied pews. We will try to reserve a pew toward the middle for you to capture a frontal image of the procession.

2. Thank you for not entering the center aisle during the procession. Thank you for not entering the liturgical area in front of the pews or entering the sanctuary at any point.

3. Our musicians have exclusive use of the choir loft.

4. Thank you for staying clear of the courtyard.

5. Cases may be stored under the back pew, out of the aisles.

6. Flash during the procession and recession is permitted.

7. Large tripods and excessive lighting equipment will not work in our small chapel. Thank you for bringing only smaller equipment.

8. You may plug into to our sound-system if you bring a cable.